Who Cooks Your Home Delivery Diet Plan?

Your Healthy Diet Plan Made Fresh For You

To make your healthy diet plans, we take the best local produce, and put it in the hands of our very capable kitchen staff before you get your diet plan delivered to your door. We pride ourselves on the talents of our employees, our high standards of cleanliness and going the extra mile to make sure your fresh food diet plan is everything you expect and more!

Cooked To Perfection

Our kitchen is headed up by top chef Richard Bullent who has had a prestigious career preparing foods for some big names! Richard has even worked as deputy chef to the Prime Minister, Tony Blair! During his time working for the Prime Minister. he also cooked for the Queen, and the Clintons. Since then he has also prepared food for Norwich City Football Club after being appointed by TV celebrity Chef Delia Smith.

Richard oversees things in the kitchen to ensure that every healthy diet plan delivers not only the best nutrition, but the best taste too!

Our Kitchen Team

Behind every healthy food delivery we make is our team in the kitchen. They make sure that every diet plan contains all of the right foods in exactly the right amounts to help you lose weight and feel great! We have some great staff here at Bodychef, some who have been here since the beginning of the Bodychef over 16 years ago! Our kitchen staff do all of the washing, chopping, cooking and serving that goes into your healthy diet plans. Our team in the kitchen take pride in Bodychef and it’s with their hard work that we’ve sustained such a high level of service and achieved SALSA accreditation.

What Does A Healthy Diet Plan From Bodychef Look Like?

Before our kitchen team send off your hamper so our delivery team can get your diet plan delivered to your door, every hamper is checked to make sure your healthy diet plan includes everything you ordered, and nothing you didn’t! Our healthy diet plan delivery service offers more personalisation than any other service available, but it’s our kitchen team who make sure every diet plan is exactly as it should be!

After choosing your diet plan and personalising it based on your tastes and preferences, our team prepares and cooks all of the fresh food to make your diet plan. The healthy ingredients in your plan are picked for their nutrition and taste, sourced from local suppliers and cooked for you and delivered to your door.

We label each meal so you’ll know exactly what to eat and when. We include use-by dates too, so if you do miss a meal, you’ll know that what you’re eating is safe when you come back to it.

If you’re ready to order your healthy diet plan, you can find out your calorie requirements and set your preferences by getting started below.