Dairy Free Diet Plan

About The Dairy Free Select Meal Plan

If you need a dairy option all the foods in this meal plan are perfect if your lactose intolerance or have a milk allergy? Going dairy free can make it a little harder to eat a balanced diet that provides everything you need! Luckily, Bodychef’s dairy free Select meal plan provides everything you need to support excellent health without sacrificing on taste!

You’ll get everything included in the Dairy Free Select Meal Plan delivered straight to your door, so you’ll know exactly what to eat and when, without having to go through supermarket aisles checking every label! You can also adjust your plan to suit you, by substituting meals with just a few taps!

We understand that flexibility is key to long-term results, so our Select meal plans give you everything you need throughout the busy work week, and let you enjoy your usual diet on the weekends! Call today or select ‘get started now’ to find out more about this meal plan or place an order.

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We recommend that all people, even those in perfect health, consult their doctor before beginning any weight loss plan. When following plans containing 1600 or fewer calories daily, we encourage you to consider a multivitamin & multimineral supplement to promote optimal health.