Bodychef Partner Programme

Would you like to earn extra income by helping your clients and followers lose weight and improve their lifestyles? Now you can. With Bodychef’s partner programme, you easily earn extra money by promoting Bodychef diet plans to your customers and followers. It’s simple to set up, simple to promote and we do all the hard work so you have a simple turn-key income stream to compliment your main business.

Driven By Unmatched Technology

Bodychef is not your typical diet delivery service! Our proprietary software, Carna, is what places Bodychef at the forefront of the world’s home delivery diet industry. We can personalise diet plans to the exact needs of our customers. There’s no inferior one-size-fits-all plans here!

Our fresh food solutions are bespoke to suit the tastes, needs and objectives of the client. All our food is weighed to the nearest gram and every diet plan is nutritionally monitored and calorie controlled. Our investment in technology means we can cater for anyone by taking into account all health, lifestyle and religious dietary preferences.

About Bodychef

Bodychef is the hugely successful British company that has been home-delivering customised fresh food diet plans for over a decade. We facilitate safe and effective weight loss with bespoke meal plans utilising fresh and healthy foods. Bodychef is at the forefront of the home delivery diet industry, offering great meal plans, maximum flexibility and nutritional control at a price that can’t be matched.

Clients subscribing to our plans typically lose between three and seven pounds during the first week, and up to 14 pounds in a month depending on their starting weight. Unlike any competitor in the world, Bodychef provides customers with fresh food Total Eating Plans (TEP). The impact of a Total Eating Plan is not only confined to weight loss; other benefits include lowering of blood pressure and cholesterol, and all the wellness factors and benefits that come with a healthy, well-balanced diet. Bodychef has helped thousands of people lose weight over the past 16 years

The Bodychef Partner Programme Is Perfect For

  • Dieticians
  • Nutritionists
  • Personal Trainers
  • Weight Management Consultants
  • Gym Owners
  • Bloggers
  • Social Media Superstars
  • Network Marketers
  • Website Owners

If you have a following, you can partner with Bodychef to build a business you can run from your phone!

Benefits Of Partnering With Bodychef?

Key benefits of becoming a Bodychef Partner:

  • Earn by promoting a business that’s been delivering fresh food diet plans for 16 years
  • We offer the most personalised service at a competitive price
  • You can use your unique code generate income from across the UK
  • You can earn from your recommendations for years to come
  • You’ll earn each and every time your unique code is used
  • You’ll be a part of a state of the art globally unrivalled system
  • You can track your promotional codes and get real time revenue reports

Partnering With Bodychef

As a leading, proven and established brand, Bodychef has the experienced teams, superior support system and outstanding marketing strategy to help its partners succeed. We make the whole process of being a Bodychef Partner as easy and rewarding as possible. It takes less than two minutes to sign up as a member, you’ll receive your unique partner code, and we’ll provide all of the marketing materials you need for your website or social media account. With decades of experience in the marketing world, we know you’ll find being a Bodychef Partner a simple and lucrative experience.


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