Inside Your Fresh Food Diet Plan

What Goes Into Your Fresh Food Diet Plan?

You already know that Bodychef’s delicious, calorie-controlled meal plans are great for weight loss, but you might not know that most of our ingredients are locally sourced, or that We source the best ingredients to make tasty, healthy meals for your fresh food diet plan. We work with our network of trusted suppliers to provide you with delicious, fresh food with high nutritional content. A diet of fresh, nutritious foods provides you with everything you need on your journey to a better body!

Fish & Seafood

Lowestoft is a small fishing town and home of the Bodychef, so we just love adding a little taste of the North sea to our diet plans!

Sam Cole Food Group

Sam Cole’s is a 4th generation family business employing over 40 people in Lowestoft, the hometown of Bodychef. Same Cole’s in a well known name in the local community, with many years of trading in Lowestoft. As a local supplier of fish and seafood, Sam Cole’s fish and seafood is an appreciated part of Bodychef’s delicious diet plans.

World Of Fish

World Of Fish is a father and son Fishmongers in South Lowestoft, with over 30 years experience! They stock an extensive range of fresh fish, adding flavour and variety to the seafood dishes in our meal plans! We’ve been working with these experience fishmongers for xx years and trust them to bring only the freshest, most delicious seafood for your weight loss meals.

Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

We source our fruit and vegetables from local suppliers to make our fresh food diet plans taste that little bit better!

Mr Fruity’s Fruit & Vegetables

Mr Fruity is a wholesale fruit and vegetable supplier who works with local growers to bring the best local produce to his customers.

Much of the fruit and vegetables in our hampers comes from Mr Fruity’s network of local growers. By working with them to supply locally grown produce, we like to think we do our bit in reducing CO2 emissions and supporting our growers locally. This also tends to mean that the fruit and vegetables in your diet plan aren’t heavily sprayed with insecticides and other hard to pronounce chemicals! This leads to better tasting, healthier fruit and vegetables in your delivered diet plan.