Summer Slim Diet Plan

About The Summer Slim Diet Plan

Our Summer Slim Diet Plan incorporates lots of tasty, nutritious meat & fish, plus a wide range of healthy, delicious fruit and vegetables, with a few added extras, carefully portion controlled to give you the kickstart you need for the summer sun. This 1200 calorie a day plan really can help you shift those extra pounds! It’s important, especially during the summer months, to keep your body hydrated, so we recommend that you add to this Summer Slim Down Diet Plan, a good quantity of water: still or sparkling, maybe with a twist of lemon, lime or any green, fruit or herbal teas.

The Bodychef Summer Slim Down Diet Plan is a light diet for that hot time of year and will help keep you refreshed as you diet. It may also make you feel a whole lot happier when you check yourself out in the mirror!

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We recommend that all people, even those in perfect health, consult their doctor before beginning any weight loss plan. When following plans containing 1600 or fewer calories daily, we encourage you to consider a multivitamin & multimineral supplement to promote optimal health.