SIRT Diet Plan

About The SIRT Diet Plan

The Bodychef Sirt Diet Plan is named after what the scientists call the SIRT1 gene, also known as the ‘skinny gene’. This diet plan focuses on the intake of sirtuins, which are special nutrients that inhibit the storage of fat and increase fat metabolism. We include our own all-natural smoothies and juices, plus you’ll get all of the ingredients for totally fresh and filling green juices, rich in fruit and nutrients (all you need is a juicer and blender), as well as lots of nutritious, tasty meat, fish or vegan meals ­­– the choice is yours.

There are two phases to the Bodychef Sirt Diet Plan:

Phase 1. This will kickstart your Bodychef journey with a full-on, intense approach, more focused on the juices and lighter foods to activate the SIRT1 gene, like blueberries and kale.

Phase 2. You then move on to the sustainable diet with a variety of highly nutritious and fresh meals. We even include some unexpected foods, surprisingly good at activating the SIRT1 gene, like dark chocolate and red wine. Read more…

(We recommend starting with the Tuesday 3-day hamper)

So if the SIRT diet sounds like your kind of diet plan, contact our friendly team, or sign up now.

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We recommend that all people, even those in perfect health, consult their doctor before beginning any weight loss plan. When following plans containing 1600 or fewer calories daily, we encourage you to consider a multivitamin & multimineral supplement to promote optimal health.