Gluten Free Diet Plan

About The Gluten Free Diet Plan

Our Gluten Free Diet Plan is perfect for those looking for all the taste and nutrition of a regular diet with none of the gluten. Gluten is found in a number of common foods such as wheat, barley, oats, and rye.

This plan is popular with those suffering from the symptoms of coeliac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis. It’s also great for those simply trying to avoid foods that are likely to leave them feeling bloated. Our Gluten Free Diet plan provides you with all the protein you need, and is packed with fruit and vegetables to top up your vitamin and mineral levels. What’s more, the Bodychef Gluten Free Diet Plan is extremely healthy, full of low-calorie ingredients and accompanied by detailed diet plans. Our gluten-free meals are so easy to prepare, allowing you to maintain a healthy diet without the fuss. 

Gluten refers to a number of proteins found in wheat, barley, rye, oats, and their hybrids, such as kamut and spelt. Gluten causes problems for people with gluten intolerance, Coeliac disease, or wheat allergy. Those sensitive to gluten can benefit from switching to diet free from gluten.

Coeliac disease is believed to affect 1-2% of the population, however this is increasing. A gluten free diet is the only medically approved method for treating coeliac disease

What Can You Eat When Following A Gluten Free Diet Plan?

There’s only one rule for adhering to a gluten free diet: avoid gluten! It can be harder than it sounds however, as many foods have gluten added to them. A healthy gluten free diet should include lots of fruit and vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats, and often some alternative form of starchy carbohydrates.

Can You Lose Weight Eating A Gluten Free Diet?

A gluten free diet can really help in losing weight, as lots of dieting problem foods can’t be eaten. Pastries, cakes and biscuits are off limits which eliminates a lot of temptation. Those wanting to lose weight on a gluten free diet still need to be conscious of the calorie content of the foods they’re eating however. Bodychef’s Gluten Free Diet Plan a calorie-controlled meal plan that excludes gluten whilst still providing you with a great weight loss diet.


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We recommend that all people, even those in perfect health, consult their doctor before beginning any weight loss plan. When following plans containing 1600 or fewer calories daily, we encourage you to consider a multivitamin & multimineral supplement to promote optimal health.