Dukan Cruise Diet Plan

About The Dukan Cruise Diet Plan

The Dukan Cruise diet plan is perfect if you’ve completed the Bodychef Dukan Attack Diet Plan and seen great results. This is the second part of the Dukan Diet, which focuses on providing you with an alternating rhythm of protein days and vegetable and protein days. The main aim is to retrain your healthy eating habits more than weight loss.

We combined the best we have to offer in the freshest vegetables and lean proteins to form the second phase of the Bodychef Dukan Diet. The cruise phase is still vital for consolidating healthy eating habits and providing you with the nutrients you need. Progressing onto the cruise phase is a fantastic way to prevent weight gain after the successful attack phase. This lighter phase helps you to lose more weight whilst still enjoying delicious, healthy, filling meals every day of the week.

If you think the Bodychef Dukan Diet Plan is for you, then why not sign up now or contact one of our helpful team for more information.

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We recommend that all people, even those in perfect health, consult their doctor before beginning any weight loss plan. When following plans containing 1600 or fewer calories daily, we encourage you to consider a multivitamin & multimineral supplement to promote optimal health.